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Account information (SWIFT Standard) - Global

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Virginie MARTIN
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Service Description

A set of 5 APIs is proposed in order for you to retrieve account information. Those APIs are multi-country (BNPP accounts only) and allow you to retrieve up to date information at any time during the operating hours of the system.

The APIs support the following functionalities:

  • Accounts API: retrieve a list of all your accounts with balance information.
  • Account Balance API: retrieve the balance for 1 specific account.
  • Transaction Summary API: retrieve credit/debit totals for 1 specific account and time period.
  • Statement Lines API: retrieve debit/credit entries reported to the account (pending and booked items) for 1 specific account and for specified time period, in order to enable intraday reconciliation.
  • Account statement API: retrieve debit/credit entries and balance info for 1 specific account and time period.


  • The account information APIs are formatted in JSON.

Prerequisites for all use cases

  • You provided a valid SSL/TLS certificate to BNP Paribas.
  • You were with your credentials (ClientID and ClientSecret), by BNP Paribas, allowing you to request an access token (type "Client Credentials").

Error Responses

The API uses common HTTP status codes in the response header to indicate success or failure. Specific error code and description will be returned in the custom error schema.

Query Parameters

Each URL query parameter specifies an API query parameter that must be URL encoded.

v1.0.9 Release Notes

  • All schema object containing "oneOf" syntax is updated to align with open API specification. The header parameter X-ServiceProvider will be changed to X-UserContext. has been changed to optional. An element CashAccount41.alternate_identification is added as a resource identifier where account identification cannot be used as a resource identification. The element CashAccount41.linked_account is changed to CashAccount41.related_account. The elements CashCurrentBalance1.balance_type, CashAvailableBalance1.balance_type, CashForwardAvailableBalance1.balance_type has been dropped. Batch indicator block to statement lines is added. Return information block is added to Statement. The charges block is added to Statement Entry details level. * The size of the element "identification" in both Statements and Statement Lines has been increased to 36 from 35 to accommodate UUID

v1.0.8 Release Notes

  • The query parameter account-servicer is added to the getAccounts endpoint.
  • Party identification object (Organisation/Person) in Statements and Statement Lines is changed to ISO component style. This is to address use case where identification of object is not always possible when only party name is available.
  • Account Identification in Statements and Statement Lines is aligned with ISO component.