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Domestic & International Payment – Asian specifics

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Virginie MARTIN
Payment initiation
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Service Description

2 APIs are available for you in order to initiate domestic and international payments.

  • Payment initation API: initiate single or bulk payment instruction.

  • Payment status API: retrieve the status of your previously initiated payment.


  • The payload must be formatted in ISO 20022 format, either in JSON (message item) or in XML (XML tag).

  • Please adapt the Content-Type header (application/xml or application/json or text/plain) according to the format of your payment file. The payment file contents should be complied with ISO 20022 Pain.001.001.03 schema.

Data content

A payment request might embed several payment instructions having:

  • one single execution date or multiple execution dates

  • one single beneficiary or multiple beneficiaries

Prerequisites for all use cases

  • You provided a valid SSL/TLS certificate to BNP Paribas

  • You provided a valid Electronic Signature certificate (Eidas, RGS*, RGS** or 3SKEY) to BNP Paribas.

  • You were provided with your credentials (ClientID, ClientSecret and KeyID), by BNP Paribas, allowing you to request an access token (type "Client Credentials")

Payment Process

If your file is correctly formatted, the call will generate a unique BNPP reference {PaymentId} which will allow you to consult the status of your credit transfer, as well as the status of your instructions and transactions (PSR).