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SEPA Instant Payment - Europe

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Virginie MARTIN
Payment initiation
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Why use those APIs?

This service provides a first set of 3 APIs, related to SEPA instant payment, that can be embedded in your payment initiation process within your business system, allowing some automation, in a secure environment.
  • The payment request can be initiated directly from a business system (ERP, TMS, App, Website) with immediate status confirmation
  • With an automatic pre-approval process, the payment request can be automated with no manual intervention


In case the beneficiary bank is not reachable at the moment you want to send the transfer or that your payment is rejected for another reason, you can use the second set of APIs, related to SEPA Standard, as a back up solution.

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Key features

Reachability check

Verify the counterparty’s reachability
prior to sending your payment

payment initiation
Payment initiation

Send a credit transfer (instant or not)
to a beneficiary

Payment status

Obtain information on your payment status

Use cases

market place
Market place

As intermediary, make sure to pay the seller as soon as the good/service is delivered and paid by the buyer  

Insurance claims

Allow advance pay outs to your clients, even during the weekend


Refund your retail/e-commerce client immediately, making him happy and handling cases more rapidly 

salary advance
Salary advance

Allow eligible employees to receive a salary advance within seconds